Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow fall at Asbury

Snow is falling gently in quiet Wilmore making it seem as if the campus of Asbury Theological seminary has been transported into the magical realm of the snow globe. as the spring semester gets kicked off the students are treated to a landscape of white snow and treacherous ice which has caused the seminary to delay its opening and cancel the earliest morning classes.

Which has allowed plenty of time for the time honored past time of yeti hunting. yes i know it may sound completely observed that in the southern state of Kentucky (at least south of the Ohio river) there would be a yeti. But it is as true as tales of leprechaun, gremlins, and poltergeists which reside in the library.

The yeties which are native to Kentucky are of a very odd breed who spend much of the year sleeping in hidden caves surrounding the Kentucky River. they only appear when the smell of snow pull them from their deep slumber calling them out to play and gather food. they have little fear because they have a special type of magic which makes them very difficult to see.

and so as with so many students of the past the students of Asbury Seminary go forth in hopes of finding the ever elusive Yeti. it is very rare that a yeti is actually caught but enough have been caught to provided several stories to be pasted down along with a special recipe for Yeti stew.

So may to all the hopefuls I bid you good luck!

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Glo said...

huh, I am not sure how my opinion is connected to a story about the mysterious yeti hunts of the Asbury campuses. but then again my blog is just about what ever i happened to have on my mind at the time so with that logic it is all my opinion. I may have gotten the idea about the yeti hunts of asbury from someone else but it is my story. perhaps if you would leave a link to your own blog I could see what you actually mean by opinion and personal touch. because i don't know that you are using actual Websters dictionary definitions of either word.