Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lenten fasts and stuff

I am taking a very strict 500 calorie diet for lent this year. it includes a supplement to help curb hunger and direct fat to the kinds of fat that are importaint to lose. it is called the HCG diet. I found about about it from my aunt who is a nurse and my mother tried it and it worked, and I have other family members who are trying it and having positive results.

i am on day five and really right now i feel fine, not hungry but craving all kinds of things, like popcorn, chips, french toast, ice cream, saltine crackers, and chocolate cake. so far i haven't noticed any change in my ability to study or function which is good.

what i have found that i like about this diet is that it is forcing me to try different things to make my meals interesting, for example tonight for dinner i had a spinach salad, but wail on this diet i can not have any dressings so I made a dressing out of some things that i can eat. lemon juice with pepper, oregino, Rose Mary (because like S. book says a man can live on food cubes till Armageddon if he has enough Rose Mary) a little salt, a little stevia, and...strawberries. it was very tasty actually.

but at the same time there are a few things i am worried about. mostly that at some point this will back fire and i will find out that wail i am losing weight it is muscle weight, or the kinds of fat that protect the organs. I am worried that i might get tire as the diet goes on.

my hope is that this diet gets me down to a weight i can manage that inside the parameters of my ideal weight and size, by mostly exercise. and that i will have untrained myself from not so good eating habits.

but most of all it is a spiritual practice to fast, that by self mortification I can grow spiritually. I plan to use the money i save on groceries (assuming i do) as alms.

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