Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I have been trying to think of something to blog about and I realized that it has been a wail sense i did a review on something.  So here it goes

I know this movie came out a wail ago but I just saw it over spring break.  I really like this movie it has a good message. 

Spoiler alert (the plot):  it is about Peter Bretter is a musician who hopes to one day write musicals but is currently working as the music guy for a hot TV Crime show that his girl friend of five years, Sarah Marshall. is the lead character.  the movie opens with Peter enjoying his day and then having a surprise visit from his girlfriend who informs him that she is breaking up with him.  Peter deals with it as any secular modern man would.  he goes to Hawaii where as fate would have it Sarah is also there with her new boyfriend the Aldous Snow at the same hotel.  Hilarity ensues as Peter goes back and forth between wanting to be over Sarah and wanting to have her back in his life.  finally he lets go and starts going with Rachel the hotel receptionist.  

Things I Like
First: the message of this movie is great.  the message is that some times there are consequences that you just have to live with.  at one point Sarah starts to realize that she may have made a mistake to break it off with Peter and when Aldous breaks up with her she tries to get in peter's pants, it almost works because well Peter is a guy. afterwards when he tells Sarah that he could never be wither again because she broke his heart.  he then actually does the right thing and tells Rachel everything, even though he knows it will hurt her and that she will probably leave him for it.  She does because lets face it just because you tell the truth doesn't mean that it will be all sun shine and puppies.  But also it is when Peter stops trying to have someone in his life that he is able to  move on with his life and do the one thing that he has been dreaming about.  

Second: the one couple in this movie that leaves Hawaii happy and satisfied is a Christian couple on their honey moon.  their relationship is first awkward  because they hadn't had sex before they got married, but in the end with a few tips on how to 'please' his wife the couple are happy and satisfied with each other.  

Third: Aldous Snow, to me at least int he movie he represents the free love, world peace, extremists. and he is mocked the whole time.  he goes on a whole rant about how love isn't about relationships it is about 'connections' with women.  he is also so phlegmatic about things that he doesn't understand why people would get upset,  but my favorite quote is when someone points to his tattoos and says  Let me tell you something about these tattoos, okay. That is Buddhist, that is Nordic, that is Hindu, that's just gibberish. They are completely conflicting ideologies, and that does not make you a citizen of the world, it makes you full of Crap!

Things i didn't like:
to be warned there is a fair bit of sex in this film, for the most part it is all in context of the story that is being portrayed.  a guy in this day and age gets his heart broke after coming out of a 5 year relationship, what is he going to do? there also is some non sexual male nudity.  but on the whole there is little that is gratuitous.  

That is it, i give this movie a 4 out of five stars.  if you liked Knocked up, 40 year old virgin, and the hangover you will probably enjoy this flick. 


Elizabeth said...

I've been considering/interested in watchin this movie but haven't because of the sex/nudity aspect that I knew would come. I might reconsider my avoidance.

Second, I still really like your new blog layout but before there was a block of colour behind the posted text. I am not sure if you changed or the fact that I useing a different browser but the colour block is gone and it is difficult to read what you've posted. Hope this bit of information helps in your quest for a good design.

Glo said...

hum... I do have a block of black behind the post's text, so it might be the broser, i use google Chrome and Firefox, but i don't know how it would work with safari or explorer.

as for the movie try to make sure you watch the theaterical version rather then the extended version. like i said there is sex, the main charector goes through a serise of one nigh stands to try and get over his girl friend. and the male nudity is completely non sexual, and mostly comical.