Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun High-Jinks in the Library.

for most of my seminary time i have worked at the library.  it is a good job to have, great people and just generally a good place to be.  it even has it's little quirks, like an alarm system that goes off and on when ever it wants to.  the lights that sometimes come back on all by themselves after turning them off.  and the usual complaints of being a technology center.  we at the library often jock about the place being haunted.  I wrote something about this back in October.  but there is something very fun that happened today, yes more fun then the library rave we had over spring break last year.  we had a bird caught in the upstairs quiet floor.  how did it get in?  good question, i would guess it got in the same way that the bats get in...Magic.

any way this bird was tricksy and it took several people to corner it.  including the very brave former zoo employee, Jon Todd.  it flew here and there, landing on books stealing crumbs and hiding in mysterious places that only magic birds know about.  in the end after wearing the bird out by chasing it and acting like a dysfunctional pack the thing that finely caught the bird and returned it safely back outside?  well as the young man said who caught it, it was his mad Asian skills. 


Elizabeth said...

Yay for someone with "mad Asian skills"

Did you ever listen to the Vinyl Cafe of CBC when you lived in Canada? There is a great story about a bird in a library.

Elizabeth said...

I looked up ways to listen to Vinyl Cafe, the library story gets told every so often. In general I could see you liking it.

Glo said...

thanks Liz, apparently we had 2 more birds in the library today.