Monday, September 09, 2013

Week 27

I hereby dub this week of pregnancy Heartburn and getting kicked in the ribs. Mog really likes kicking me in the ribs. and some times I have such bad heartburn that I don't want to eat, even though my stomach is growling to be fed. it is fun to have heartburn over nothing in the stomach but a half a glass of water.

In other news job is still going well. it is nice to be taking care of a kid twice a week and I'm excited that baby mog will have lots of friends when he or she comes into the world. between baby J who will arrive sometime around october 1, the for lovely little girls at church (ranging from almost three to almost one) and Ford (code name for baby boy I babysit) Mog will not lack for friends no matter what.

Speaking of Mog, Mog likes to dance on my ribs, and just hang out there. which is rather uncomfortable. but it is good to know that he/she is active. Also Mog is the size of a rutabaga. I have no idea what that means cause it really doesn't sound that big.

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