Friday, September 13, 2013

Knitting, shipwreck and Elephante

Okay I have finished my third Elephante by Susan B. Anthony. I love love love this pattern, which is obvious because I've made three of them. I think I am going to keep this one. However I am thinking about making another one, I'm not sure yet if I will or not. But probably in the next couple of days either there will be another one of these on the needles or the basic bear. we will see. Oh here are pictures because he is so cute!
Front veiw, this time I decided to try and put stripes in the ears
I think it worked out really well

Side view

From the top. you can tell from this angle I ran out of read and
had to substitute it with a variegated pink/red.
still i am very happy with how it turned out
I think the next one I make might be striped with all the blues I have.

And here are some pictures of my shipwreck shawl. I love the way this is looking and I can't wait to block it and start using it.
So I stuffed a pillow inside the shawl to try and show
it to you all the pretty lace, but
it didn't work out so well...

this is panel 2, it is a heart pattern

This is panel 1, it is called a strawberry pattern

this is panel 3, a leaf pattern

This section has beads, I'm on round four with the beads

the beads that I have already strung on the yarn,
and that isn't all of them. this shawl with have approximately 5,000
beads on it when it is done. 
So that is my current knitting projects. I hope you like the pictures and till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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Julie Luek said...

I was here for Alex Cavanaugh's IWSG, but LOVE the little elephant. How cute!

Julie Luek
A Thought Grows
Co-host IWSG October