Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Knitting: Socks, and a Baby Blinket

Currently there are three projects that I am working on as far as knitting goes. All three of them are projects that I am hoping to have done before the baby comes. Will they? Oh probably not.

I am still working on my shipwreck Shawl. It is coming along but I haven't really made progress that is noticeable so no new pictures on the shawl this week. I probably won't post any more pictures of this one till it is done. Oh and I can't wait for it to be done.

Now I did cast on some new projects since the last time I blogged about knitting. The first is a pair of Brainless socks. I want these to be my socks that I can wear at the hospital. These have been a nice pair of socks to knit. so far the pattern is just engaging enough to stay interesting and yet simple enough that I can work on it while watching tv or gabbing at knit night. I'm using Hecate colorway of Buddy, dyed by my good friend Stephanie Stratton. (check out her shop here)

The second project is that I finally cast on a blanket for my baby. No I don't know the gender so I am making up my own pattern to make something that is gender neutral, and very soft. I'm using  which is 100% Polyester. So far I have used two colors in blanket, I plan to use at least one more colorway, maybe two. Part of it depends on how big I make the blanket. the nice thing about this is I'm using Euro-baby MayLole. It's bulky yarn so it is knitting up really fast.

and that is it for now. Hopefully I will have more pictures and knitting to share with you next week. till next time God Speed.

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