Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finished! So time to edit

The last time I talked about my writing it was for IWSG September edition. Crazy how the time got away from me but I promise I was very very busy. See I finished the rough draft of Witchborn. (Que fireworks and confetti.) That means two things. 1. I have to begin the process of editing and 2. what the heck do I work on next.

1. Aaaaahhhhhh editing how I hate thee! Eh it's not so bad. I mean Google docs is a little over zealous in saving changes so instead of doing a full read through where I get rid of spelling errors and capitalization errors I got act one done. Then I nearly went completely bonkers. I'm working on having a play bill with each of the characters listed, which house they belong to, and well how they relate to the story. that way I can make sure I have the correct spelling of the names through out. This is also true of place names. I got to a point where it was easier to just type in the town on the other side of the harbor then what the town was actually called, cause I couldn't remember what I had called it. So that is what I am calling simple edits.

The next part I am working on, and I am doing this by act, is to make sure that each scene in the act is progressing the story, growing characters, and has a consistent flow. Some times this means moving scenes, sometimes it means adding scenes and sometimes it means deleting scenes. So far I haven't had to delete entire scenes, parts of them yes, some of it is to keep me from repeating myself too much. I think in the first draft I told the story of the fourth sacking of Tiar three or four times. this is the fun part.

My goal is to have this ready to go out in the world to beta readers by the end of November.

2. After much thought I have decided that the next story I work on is going to be a story that takes place in the same world as Witchborn but with very different characters in a very different area of the world. Rowan and the Dragon. Rowan is a half orc warrior who teams up with Novalee the half elf bard. Each is trying to escape their past and together they make a bit of an odd couple as they travel the barbarian lands.

I'm looking forward to this story. I am planing to do some fun and different things with the narration. but I also don't plan to start working on it till the beginning of January. Why? Well I'm going on maternity leave starting November 25.

That beings me to NaNoWriMo. I'm not participating this year. I know I know how can this be? I have participated every year sense 2005. Well, a) I need to edit Witch born. b) I will be 9 months pregnant at that point. I will be writing, of course but the 50,000 goal is not going to happen. Maybe 25,000 new words as I edit. But I think it is a little silly of me to try and write as I'm getting ready to be a new mom. So instead I will be cheering on everyone from the grandstand. (Look for me with the marching band I play the alto saxophone.)

well that is everything for now. till next time- God Speed and Open Roads.

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Dave Robison said...

You will be missed among the ranks of the NaNo Tribes, Gloria, but seeing as how you're editing a NOVEL (and, incidentally, conceiving life), I think you can be given an honorable pass.

It sounds like the tapestry of your story world is growing intricate and rich... I can only imagine how many OTHER stories are clamoring for your writerly attention. ;)

I'm excited to see so many wonderful developments, progressions, and adventures in your life... you are a bold explorer, lady. Lead on!