Thursday, November 07, 2013

Evade (Ever book 2)

I received the advanced reader copy of Evade from Jessa. 

Last year when I read Ever I was pleasantly surprised by what I read. Here was a YA book that was Paranormal Romance that I enjoyed. The heroine is likeable and relatable. The romantic triangle is well managed and the supernatural elements intrigued me. All that is to say that when I finished Ever I was truly looking forward to Evade. 

Jessa Russo did not disappoint. There are two big things I enjoyed about this book, the way she handled the romantic tension and the way she opened up her world to her readers. I am generally fairly critical of Romances, particularly the trend where readers choose teams for the two guys that the heroine can't decide on. I don't want to go into too much detail about how this is worked out but I found it refreshing. 

As for the way she opened up her world she makes use of the classic fish out of water. Ever has been through into a world that she doesn't understand and is forced to learn the rules of or she is going to get herself killed a lot sooner than her ticking clock predicted. It of course doesn't help that like most girls caught up in the supernatural world everyone is too busy protecting her to tell tell her what's going on, at least until everything hits too close for comfort. 

perhaps my only critic of the book is that there is not enough Jessica. yeah she is my favorite character in these books, But really is that much of a critic? 

Author bio: An unashamed super fan of all things paranormal romance, Jessa Russo reads, writes and breathes paranormal YA, rarely straying from her comfort zone. When not writing or reading--or raising the coolest kid ever--Jessa enjoys making memories with her amazingly supportive family and friends, while secretly planning her next trip to New Orleans. She will always call Southern California home, where she lives with her husband and daughter, and a Great Dane who thinks he's the same size as his cranky sister, the Chihuahua.

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So till next time God Speed and Open Roads. 

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