Monday, November 04, 2013

week 35 update

Baby Mog is now the size of a coconut, which translates to 17-18 inches long and 4.2-5.8 lbs. and dancing like his/her nick-name-sake. he/she likes to start up dancing around 9pm and continues till after I have fallen asleep. Of course he/she is active most the day, I know that babies supposedly sleep at some point, but most the time it seems like baby Mog is a very happy and healthy baby who likes to move. It probably means I'm going to spin a lot of time chasing this little guy or girl around once he/she enters to the world.

Let's see, I have finally reached the point where I am  sore from being pregnant, I can't see my toes, and I'm having a hard time putting on my socks and shoes. oh and I'm still throwing up about once a week, yeah.

I have had my last ballet class till after I have recovered from labor. which is very sad about that because ballet has been a bright spot of my week for some time. I will miss it but hopefully I will be back at it very very soon. I mean I've only got 5 weeks left of pregnancy and then hopefully I will not have anything major to recover from. But there is no way to know what that will look like.

I did finally watch a birthing video. I don't know why these women agreed to let the whole world see their ho-hos, it was a bit traumatic. my first thought after seeing what labor would be like was "um, maybe a C-section wouldn't be that bad.  I guess only time will tell.

As the date comes closer second by second there is still much to do. the crib needs to be emptied-I've been lazy and instead of putting my linens in the crib rather then putting it in the up high shelf in the closet. we need to put the car seats in the cars,  I need to go through the bags of clothing a friend gave me and start washing everything. not to mention I should probably wipe down the walls with bleach to make sure I don't have any more mold growing in the nursery/office/art studio. Then I should probably take stock of things I don't have and yet still might or might not need. cause lets face it is difficult to know what is actually going to be helpful when the baby comes.

I think that is all of the pregnancy updates to share, so till next time: God Speed and Open Roads!

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Danielle Knapp said...

Hey Gloria,

Just from personal experience...don't wait on putting those car seats in much or getting your labor bag packed much longer. At my 35 week check everything was perfect and healthy and at the 36 week check I was told to have a baby the same day.