Tuesday, April 24, 2007


well there is not much going on here. and i have been rather depressed latly. some of it probably has to do witht he fact that i still have not found a second job yet and soem of it probably is because i have been very lonely lattly. the church that i am working at is your stariotipical country church. which means i am the only one there my age. and this sunday that really hit home and started to miss my freinds back at school, even the few that i left in buffalo. but what i am i to do. I have no idea where to even start. because i don't hae a second job i can't join a gym of any kind, or have aquanteses at work it is very sadening.

oh well atleast i will be going op for graduation soon. maybe life will be a little brighter after that.


matthew said...

hey gloria :)

would you like to be added to my link list? or is this more like a secret blog?

glo said...

Yes I would

Dena said...

I am so excited I finally figured out who you are, Gloria! I have been seeing so mnay "glo" comments, but didn't know who that was. But I clicked on Lindy's link and found your blog. Yea!

Lindy said...

Hi Gloria- I miss you! I'll pray that you find some good friends in your new town soon. Luv ya lots!

Steph said...

Hey! Congrats on graduating!
I miss you so much!