Saturday, April 07, 2007

bananas and Easter

It is easter time, one of the two buisiest times of the year. at my church my youth decided to have an out reach for the kids. it went well they watched the veggi tale's Easter carol and then got to dye easter egges.

but there were a lot less then we anticapated so the egg dyeing did not take as much time as it should have. it was time for some inprompto. so i decided that we could do things a lttle like solid rock. we gave out prises, some extra plastic eggs with candy inside, and then did some noise contests, and threw soem candy out to the kids. there was still some time... alot of I leaned onthe only crutch i had... O 'Da banana's. my youth kids got to see a very interesting side of me...and I am sure i will never hear the end of it. but the kids were intertained at least till their fock showed up and now i can Go visit my folks for easter. what a day.

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