Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm back

Okay sonshine fest was amazing. I saw Flatfoot, which is a celtic punk band, David Crawder band, Toby Mac ( In which I busted a move and even got an aplouse and made new friends) Newsboys (in which God spoke to me in an amazing way) Jeremy Camp (in which I sold two paints that i had done that day), casting crowns (In which I painted inthe dark with a flash light in one had and the brush in the other) KJ-52, a couple different bands in the 3degree club, thousand foot chrutch (which got a little crazy in the moshing) Relient K(In which I was in the mosh and fell then crowd surfed from the front to the back, and finished up with Switch foot.

my favorit had to have been Flatfoot, they were amazing. I mean who wouldn't love Punk with a set of bagpipes and a mandoline.

thou Newsboys were the best i had ever seen them. I will be posting piktures as soon as i get them developed.

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