Tuesday, July 03, 2007

worship Journel 3

Casting Crowns has a song called stain glass masquerade and in that song there is a line that asks, "am I the only one in church who's traded the alter for a stage?"

my question today is; when does the alter become a stage? could it be when the pulpit and the organ become golden cavles that cannot be moved? could it be when the leaders are set in thier ways that they refuse to let anyone else into thier little click? could it be when the war fo music becomes so strong and issue that it is more importaint what kind of music we play then wiether or not it is helping people come to worship God? could it be when the acts of worship becomes acts and performance?

the answer is all of the above. But...but how do you tell the difference between the alter and the stage?

Just because A small church is still usinging a pipe organ and the pastor still preaches behind a monstrous pulpit and only sings hyms does not mean that it is dead and out of touch with people... it also doesn't mean that the church hasn't moved from holyness to leagalism and tradition.

and Just because a large church who uses drama, and new music, and lights where the pastor preaches sitting on a bar stool does not mean that God is not worshiped... it also doesn't mean they are not curruptable.

the church that has a stage lookes the same as the one iwht an alter. so how do you tell the difference?


matthew said...

I think one way to tell is to listen to the terminology being used! If you hear people in the congregation using the terms: stage, performers, audience, etc...it might be an indication the mindset has de-evolved.

If, however, you hear terms like: platform, alter, worship leaders, congregation, etc...the proper understanding is prolly still intact.

Another way for a pastor to tell is by observing whether the congregation is merely watching the front of the sanctuary or participating with the front of the sanctuary. During the singing, are people...singing? During the Scripture reading are they following along or listening closely? During the preaching do they have their bibles open?

Dena said...

Sorry I forgot to give you my email, Gloria. You can send your script to dena.innes@gmail.com. I am due in less than a week, but I will certainly do my best with the time I have.