Monday, October 22, 2007

the cribbage game

My family and I are mad card players. allf our of us kids learned to play cards as soon as we understood the concept of games. starting with Go Fish, match, and old maid, moving to kings cornor(also known as spider) which lead to rummie, salitare, before graduating to Gin, Nertz, hand and foot,poker and cribage.

card games are very importaint in our house. My grand father (the catholic one) put money in my mom's account to help pay for college from his time spent at the Gin tables.

well it has been a hard year having no one to play cards with. I mean I took my hand and foot deck, and my cribage board with me to south america and the girl i became friends with said she did not belive it was okay for christains to play cards. and in bismark i have no frinds that randomly drop by to play cards. it is a sad sad state to be in.

because of this when i was home i jumped at the chance to play a little cribage with my parents. we played 3 or four games andsomething very intersting happend. one game both me and my mother misdelt. now misdealing is a big deal in cribage because who ever had the deal had the crib and if you misdeal the deal goes to the next person and the you lose your chance at the crib.

so my mother i and my father are all siting around the table as mom is dealing out the cards but she desided to only deal to me and her. the funny part was that when we asked mom what she was doing she did not reolize that she was doing anything wrong. that was misdeal number one.

then a couple hands latter when it was my Crib i started deal....but I delt counter clock wise. this would not have been a big deal except that on the second round i switched and delt clock wise.

so that was the comidy of errors cribage night at the Cole house.

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