Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pators Retreat

First off thank you to Every one, I have just turned in a loan application so hopefully I can get my car.

Sence the wreck happened because I was on my way to my first pastor's retreate i thought i would write up my thoughts on that.

It was great to see alot of people I hadn't seen in like forever, encluding Dave and Kat, and Sasha. It is amazing how many bethany people are coming to the dekota district.

Our speaker was Dr. Pipper the president of OWU. and i had thought this was going to be a great speaker, which he was but not on the topic that he spoke. He was going to talk about world view which i thought was going to be my mission classes all over again because Dr. Peed loved world view. but then i thought maybe it would be about making the church relivent to the curent world veiw shift that seems to be happening, and that could be good.

however his entire talk was on how post modernity is evil and that the church must stay modern in it's mind set. that post modernity was going to under mind the church. he focused completely on the deconstructive side of Post modernism and never once reolized that there is another side taht works with the first which is the Reconstructive side. he only quoted from books that were modernist trying to refute post modernism.

the turth is that Post modernity has evolved because people reolized that Modernity doesn't work. Modernity promised that we could create our own destiny, that through the power of reason we would make the world a better place. don't get me wrong there were some good things that came out of Modernity. however it is time for a new way of thinking, one that may not be any better or worst but may be the answer Enstine was talking about when he said, "the problems of today will not be fix by those who made them." (I don't have the exact quote but taht is pretty dare close). and that is the truth, at least the catholic church has the brains to skip modernity and move on to the world view of today.

what really got me was that Dr. pipper who has done wonderful things at OWU, does not think that the post modern world view is valid. he has written it off as evil and wrong without reolizing that there is a baby hear in despreate need of some bath water. and this was evident in his statement "they hate the haters, are intalerent of the intalerant, and absolute there are no absolutes." That may be an extreme but as i have developed my own world view which includes many peaces of post modernism I have found that most post modernist are not absolute that there are no absolutes, they don't hate the haters, and are not intalerant of the intalorent. he is one more person who is trying desprately not only to hold on and validate his own world view but also force everyone else to comply with it.

I will always rember what Dr. Peed said in his world view class, "world views are not right or wrong, they just have parts that may need to change when one comes to christ." there is not christian world view, there are christian versions of world views.

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