Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Greese lightening has died

I had a very eventful day. today was the first day of pastor's retreat. and I was headed down the road, under the speed limit because well it was slick, but then I was almost missing my exit and so I turned really hard to try and cetch it wail slowing down,but either i slowed down too fast, or turned to hard, or did not slow down enough becuase I went into the ditch and was spinning. freeking out i tryed to stomp on the bracks but it wasn't the breaks i stomped on. a split second latter i was on the breaks but it was too late. My car took out a reflecter pole, a turn sign which flew onto the interstate (just barly), and the exit sign.

as soon as I am done screaming and reolize that I am not dead (but still in complete freakout mode) I trun around to see what the damage is. my back drivers side door is open, my stuff is falling out the door and one of the Poles is up in my window.

Still in complete freak out mode i reolize i have absolutly no Idea what the H E double Hockey stick I am suposed to do. then I remember Oh yeah I have a cell Phone, I should call someone. But Who? I gotta call the cops right? well do I need an actual number or should i just call 911, and I have to call Keith because he is already half way to rapid by now but he is my only chance to get down there for this Retreat, and I have to call my mom. head spinning (of course not litteraly) I think Mom, I'll call her first cause she has had experience with this type of thing she'll know exactly what i need to do. But of course it is monday and my mom is a math add so she is at work. well that is okay, I thought, I have her number. So I call the school. still freaking out i tell the phone operator that i need to talk to Gale (my mom). when my mom gets on I say, "Mom i was in a car wreck." I don't remember much else of the converstation exept mom made sure i was alright, and that no other vehical was involved. I rush out to see what the damage is and it was bad.

after seeing this i notice that three vehicles have stopped, and they all look the same. one guy gets out and he is talkin gon his cell phone. I also notice that on one Vehicles it says something funeral home. ironic no? he grabes my blinket from the car and puts it over my shoulders becasue i did not take the time to Grabe my coat before i got out of the car cause i am still in complete and total freek out mode. I over heard him say on the phone that the crash had alreading been called in and the people were on the way. So I went and sat in one of thier cars wail I waited.

I called Keith, the pastor i work under, and he said he would turn around and come and get me. So I sat and waited for the high way patrol and keith. the ambulence came, and I assured them that I was perfectly fine (feek out at this point was almost over), but they wanted me to come into the ambulence just to make sure. they took my blood pressuer and O2 levels just to be on the safe side. then after signing a waver that said i did not want to be taken to the Hospital I moved to the car that belonged to the cop who came on seen and waited for the High way patrol. (at this point the freek out was over.)

20 minuets latter the Highway patrol showed up and he took my statement, then about forty minuets latter Keith came and we moved my stuff into his car. as we were driving down the road, I now completely calmed down and done freeking out he informed me of the piliminary damage to my car, fixable but not nessisarily worth it. also he added, "I don't know how in the world you did not flip."

I took physics and I understood. when i hit that exit sign the pasinger side should have atempted to keep moving causing the car to flip. but it didn't. i lost both my back tires, which should have added to the flippage, but it didn't.

Basically from the pictures at the scene from all the factors, I should have flipped. god could have taken me home today, but he didn't.

instead the Red, blue and white trash, getto, greese lightening Beaner ride is no more and i will be looking for a new car.


matthew said...

sounds like quite an ordeal...glad you are ok!

Elizabeth said...



I also am glad you are okay.

Weavers said...

Oh my word!
I add to the Wow's and glad your ok's

Steph said...

so glad you waled away from that. I miss you

Lindy said...

I'm so sorry Glo. I'm glad that you were OK