Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Personality/Spiritual gifts Test

I am so tired of them. I will be perfectly happy if I never have to take one ever again. I have taken one of each already this semester. the gifts test re veiled nothing new it was just like all the others, whether the result was because of what I have been doing lately or because of where I want to go is still yet to be seen. the personality test re veiled that once again I am a walking contradicting. I make decisions by gut, and yet also through an analytical system. I am Self-reliant yet work best in a well balanced Group.

Now I will admit that this personality test was correct in things that I already knew, but not everything, and I am beginning to wonder how much of these tests are scientific and how much of them are perception.

There is a story in which a man who has spent much of his time debunking mystics went into a class and passed out a paper which he claimed was created by a psychic using the the person's last name and their birth date. They each were instructed to read over the paper and then asked to raise their hand if the paper accurately described them. Everyone in the class raised their hands. The lecturer then instructed the students to pass the papers to the person in front of them and then read them again. the class was surprised to see that every paper was exactly the same. I wonder how much personality tests are the same way.

Because of my curiosity i desided to look up my sign, and my Zodiac, just to see if my personality test and spritiula gifts test showed the same result.

Becasue I was born in febuary my sign is Aquarious which means I am: friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent, intellectual, intractable, contrary, perverse, unpredictable, unemotional, and Detached.

I was Born in 1984 which is the year of the rat so I am: charming, hardworking, goal oriented, a perfectionist, thrifty, easily angered, ambitious, and successful.

the Results from my personality test was: you may have a strong drive to be successful and appear accomplished. you may often want to be appreciated and have your victories acknowledged. so reaching your goals, while imporaint may not be enough. you may also want success with flair and triumph with stiyle. you usually find a way to get things done, but you tend to work best when you are parto fo a well balanced team. to persuade others to join your cause you will patiently explain what you are trying to accomplishe ans why. you will rarely strong-arm people into helping you. indeed you are usually very conciderate of others. your colleagues often view you as assertive, but you tend not to provoke strong negative reactions because you do not usually come across as aggressive or insistent. in all likelihood you are a very good critical thinker, this skill melds well with your tendencey to employ direct methodes to get the results you desire.

intersting. I took about 20 minuets to take a personality test that said the same thing as the year i was born and the date i was born. these do by the way flow nicely in with what i was told my spiritual gifts were teaching, prophecy, and mercy.

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