Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The economics of Fragle Rock

Fraggle Rock, one of those wonderful things from my childhood. who couldn't love thes magical creatures that spent their days dancing and singing, playing in the water and eating radishes, and doser sticks. (to be honest i think this is why i like radishes.) the intersting thing about Fragle rock is that it is a good picture of what karl Marx social structure.

the fraggles get to injoy thier lives playing and eating without any worries. after all the song says wories are for another day, dance your cares away! Oh to have that kindof life.

but not everyone in this world is living the life of ease. no the dozers sing a much different tune: work your cares away dancing is for another day. the dozers are perfectly content to do nothing ever day but build these beautiful skyscrapers only to have the fraggels knock them down for food. every day is just like the other filled with work work work.

so there we go. one group works so the other group can just sit back and enjoy life.

and for something completly different i have up dated my picture blog that i used to use when i was in suriname. don't get to exsited though it is just pictures of campus for now.


mom said...

Good job! Your memory always keeps me smiling, and how you used those thoughts in your head are right on! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Gloria! Fraggle Rock is awesome. Just plain awesome, in fact, last year for Christmas, my mom bought my sisters and I the complete seasons and I have two fraggles sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets!

Love ya! Ryan