Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Penguin Ninjas found in Antarctica

that is right. on the last excavation of Antarctica the scientists made an unexpected find. there were Penguins who it seems have learned the art of the ninja. it may be unbelievable but it seems that Antarctica is the long time home of a secret ninja base. this base has been the training ground for greatest ninjas there are and have ever been. this base has several entrances around the world, mystical portals. it is said that one of these was used by Bruce Wayne of Wayne enterprises. at least that is what some people are saying in order to make up for his strange disappearance.

the penguins of this base are carefully trained as sentries to keep outsiders from finding out about this most secret lair. they are so good about this that only one of the unfortunate scientists who made this discover was able to come out alive. he told reporters that this was do to his training in the Israeli army where he learned Crag Magog.

Believe it or not.

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Matt "the Bat" said...

Well now I know why my socks keep coming back really cold when they disappear. It also explains why i saw that bat waddling the other day!