Thursday, July 29, 2010

Archie Smith Boy Wonder

A tiny voice asked, "is he the one?"
It was 10:00 and the Mrs. Milrose put out the last of the lights, she and her husband were the early to bed early to rise types. Their young son was already tucked into bed and fast asleep, tomorrow after all was a school day and he had to be awake very early. By 10:30 the house was dark and everyone was sound asleep. There were some lights still on in the other houses in the neighborhood but it was a quiet neighborhood lots of families with children, many of them around the age of the Milrose boy. So by 12:00 the whole area had gone to bed. It was the kind of place where no one really worried about things, nothing ever happened there. But that night was the beginning of something no one would ever understand, at least no one who lived in that tiny little Neighborhood in that small suburb of Denver Colorado.
At a lamp post on the corner of Cherry and Oak Streets to little lights broke off from the lamp and floated about. "Are you sure he is here?" Asked one of the lights, in an inhuman voice.
"Yes" replied the other, "The oracle was very Specific."
"But not specific enough to tell us which one of the 57 children it is." replied the first.
"We will just have to look around until we find it then wont we?" said the second.
After a moment the first said, "Well where should we start?"
The second light drifted towards the Milrose home, "This way."
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Milrose slept peacefully in his bed int he second floor bedroom. The window slid open by some supernatural force, and a cool breeze rustled the curtain. The two lights glided in. "Do you think he is the one?" one of the lights asked the other.
"There is only one way to find out." The lights moved closer and were soon hoovering over the young boys head.
Suddenly Mr. and Mrs Milrose were jilted out of their sleep by a pricing scream. They jumped out of bed and ran to their son's room. The curtains fluttered in the empty room. An in a moment of sere panic Mrs. Milrose called out her son's name, he wasn't in his bed. Minutes which felt like hours, latter they found him cowering under his bed very unwilling to come out.
The two lights floated down tot he next house, "It wasn't him." said one.
"No, maybe the next one will be more promising." said the second.

Ria pulled her truck into a parking space to pick up her nephew from school, a few minuets latter her nephew, Casey opened the door and climbed in. “So how was school?”
Casey looked at his aunt, “Aunt Ria, have you ever heard of lights that attack people?”
Ria was putting the truck in reverse, “What?”
“Some of the kids at school said they had a horrible dream that these two lights came into their room and bit them on the ear.” Casey explained, “Sense they each actually had a sore on their ears I figure its not a dream and there are these lights in the neighborhood that are attacking people when they sleep.”
“Well.” Ria was focused on the road, “I don't think I have heard of such a thing before, but I'll ask Jesse if he knows of anything like that.”
"Can I come with you?" Casey asked.
Ria shook her head, "not tonight, its a school night."
“Okay," he said not trying to hide his disappointment.

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