Saturday, July 31, 2010

Archie Boy wonder Part III

For Part I
          “Really?” Casey was once again mesmerized by the little creature who was still trying to find its way out. “but it's so little.” he remarked.
          “Ria,” said Jesse, “maybe we should do some quick cross referencing, try and figure out why it's here.” the both of them searched through Jesse's many volumes for several hours, Casey stood guard over the jar, but after a while he fell asleep. Ria motioned for Jesse to check to make sure Casey was a sleep. He nodded.
          “Oh thank God.” she said leaning her head back.
          “Do you think it is wise to tell him when we are trying to avert an apocalypses?” asked Jesse.
          Ria shook her head, “I don't know, he has already lived through a couple and you know the prophecy surrounding his birth. He always seems to take it well, as if it is something that just happens on a regular bases. Besides, he has figured out how to tell if I am lying.”
          “Oh,”he sat, “but, still, wouldn't it be better if you let him live in a world with out always being involved in the supernatural?”
          Ria Shrugged, “Probably but every time in the past I thought about that well there would be an apocalypses or some daemon gang would try to break into our house, and then there are people like Zachary that I could never separate him from.”
          “True,” He said nodding his head, “he does seem to be chosen to have a very unique life.” he watched the boy sleeping for a while then turned back to the book in his hand, “Found anything?”
          “Just some information about what these things are guardians and sentries for. The Resting place of Kazum Draug, who has the power to unleash the forces of darkness, blah blah blah, oh here we go by unlocking the door to Sloagdor where the ancient evil waits to usher in a new era in which the old ones will return.'” she ran her fingers through her hair, “I just don't know what it has to do with little boys getting their ears bitten.
          “I might have an answer to that,” Jesse leaned down to let Ria look at his book, “it says here that there is only one who can stop Kazum Draug, he will be a young boy that will have the ability to destroy the key by the power of his laughter.”
          “Really,” said Ria, “laughter?”
          At that moment the single window to the office was shattered and in flew a swarm of little lights. They flew every where knocking over anything and everything in their path. Several came to the table and threw the books while several picked up the jar that held their captive brother and threw it against a wall, Jesse ducked and Ria raced for Casey taking him tightly in her arms and diving under the table. In a flourish of light and crashing book cases they were gone.
          “Wow,” said Casey, “what happened?”
          “You should take him home.” said Jesse.
          “Awe!” said the little boy disappointed, “But the fun was just starting. Please Aunt Ria can't we say?”
         “No Jesse is right,” Said his aunt, “besides you have to go to school tomorrow.”
         “But But there's going to be an apocalypses,” Casey wined.
         “No there won't be,” said Ria, “we are going to stop it.” she lead the little boy out of the room at the door she turned to face Jesse, “I'll be back by after I drop Casey off at school.”

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