Friday, July 30, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part II

For Part I
          It was late when Ria got home, she was finishing up a phone call. Jesse had called her just as she was pulling into her drive way. “Well keep looking there has to be something in the annuls,” She said as she was unlocking the door and headed inside, “something that can tell us what would need to bite little kid's ears...I know... okay I am home now so I will talk to you tomorrow after I drop Casey at school... Bye.” she went into the living room where the babysitter was waiting reading a magazine, “Hey, how was he?”
           “Oh he was fine.” said the girl, “He ate his dinner and after a story or two he went to bed no problem.”
            “Good. good.” Ria paid the girl and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat. There was a sudden thud upstairs from Casey room. “Casey?” Ria called up stairs. There was no answer but a moment latter there was a crash. “Casey!” she yelled heading over to the stairs.
           “Aunt Ria Aunt Ria!” Casey came running out of his room holding his pillow case, “I got one I got one!”
           “One what?”
           “One of the lights!” He exclaimed holding the bag up for his aunt to take.
           Ria took it and opened the bag.
          “Don't let it go!” Casey exclaimed.
          “I won't.” she glanced into the bag then quickly closed it, she said something in a different language.
          “What is it?” her nephew asked.
          Ria ignored the question and grabbed her phone, “Jesse, Casey caught one...okay we'll be right there.” she closed the phone, “Casey get your jacket.”
          “Are we going to the office?”

           The office was down town tucked between a clothing store and a renovated building that now served as a coffee shop. The sign on the door was just a simple glyph with only the name Jesse Malory underneath. It was the kind of place people walked by every without seeing it. Unless ofcourse they were looking for it. Ria parked the truck then she and her nephew hurried inside. Casey clenching the pillow case closed.
            Inside was Jesse. He was a lean man bent over a table covered with books. He looked up at them when they came in. “Do you still have it?” he asked.
           “Yep.” Casey proudly smiled.
          “Good,” he pointed to the huge pickling jar on one of the tables, “put it in there.”
Casey shoved the entire pillow case into the jar and Jesse slammed the lid on. It was several minuets before the little light found its way out of the pillow case and started banging its head against the glass.
           “What is it?” asked Casey, almost pressing his face against the glass.
           “Looks like a...” Jesse adjusted his glasses and flipped though one of his books, “yes here it is a Nova Sprite.”
          “What is that?” he asked.
          “Well...” Jesse looked at his book, “Well it is a sprite that is native to creeks and such, they hide among fire flies mostly and...” he flipped a few pages, “it seems that they...oh...” he looked at Ria.
          She looked at the book, “oh.” she repeated.
          “Is it bad?” Casey looked up at the two adults, wondering if they would lie to him. They sometimes did that, because they didn't want to worry him. He didn't like it when they lied, he was eight and a half, over the course of his life he had learned that some where something was always trying to end the world and ever time Aunt Ria and her friends always stopped it from happening. His childlike optimism had never faltered, there was still nothing Aunt Ria couldn't do.
          “Well, it seems that this little guy and his friends might be trying to cause an apocalypses.” said Ria hesitantly.

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