Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Archie Smith Boy Wonder Part V

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Mrs. Smith rushed to the door when she heard someone there. She hoped it was the cops with some information for her, maybe they had found Archie. Instead she found a young women standing on the other side, “Can I help you?” She asked.
Mrs. Smith, I Ria Sunctus.” said Ria, “I'm here to ask you some questions about your son's disappearance.”
Are you with the polices?” Mrs. Smith opened the door wider.
Not really, I work on cases that sometimes are a little too strange for the police to handle.”
Mrs. Smith shifted uneasily.
Was there something strange about your son's disappearance?”
“Please come in.” she led Ria inside and offered her tea.
Ria thanked her and when they were both seated she asked, “Mrs. Smith, what happened last night.
Mrs. Smith could not bring herself to look up from her tea cup, “It seemed so unreal. It was like this is some kind of nightmare I can't wake up from.”
What ever happened I'll believe you.” Ria said in a soft reassuring voice.
I woke up hearing Archie screaming, my husband and I rushed to his room and he was being carried by some kind of light. As we tried to reach him to pull him down...” she paused to wipe her nose with a tissue, “He floated out the window.” she blew her nose and wiped her eyes as rebellious tears escaped,”
Mrs. Smith,” said Ria, “I think we know who has your son, and we are going to do everything we can to get him back to you.”
Mrs Smith Sniffled.
Once we have a location we will...” her phone rang, “Just a minuet, Hello?” it was Jessie.
Ria, I've found him, he is hiding at boxcar park.”
I'll meet you there.” she closed her phone.
Did you find him?” asked Mrs. Smith.
“We think so.” said Ria, “Mrs Smith I need you to stay calm, we are going to go after him, hopefully we will have him home tonight.” She showed herself out.

Box car park was so named because of the old box car that was near the lake in the park.
Ria and Jesse made their way through the marsh over to it. “I don't remember it being this marsh last time I brought Casey here.” said Ria.
I know,” said Jesse, “about the same time these disturbances started there was a water-main that broke here making the lake over fill.”
So you think it is more then just coincidence?” Ria pulled her foot out of ankle deep mud, silently thankful that she had worn her knee high boots.
I don't believe in coincidences.” said Jesse nearly falling as his foot got caught.
Ria caught him, “I do.” the mud squished as she walked, “but any way, do you know how to kill this beasty?”
I figured your sword should do the trick, it didn't say he was immune to any particular weapon, nor that only a particular weapon would kill him.”
“And the Spites?”
He held up a jar of dust, “A mixture of dried Angel tears, ground heather and eye of newt.” he slid it back into his coat. “It will immobilize them”
And how do we get the key?”
Jesse paused, “I hadn't thought about that I guess if we kill Kazum we should be able to get the key just fine.”
Ria smiled as they reached the door, she pulled out her sword, Jesse took the handle of the box car door, she nodded. The door slide open and she charged in, to an empty Box car. She sighed, “Jesse."
Jesse followed into the dark empty box car, “but I was sure...”
more to come

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