Monday, August 02, 2010

Archie Boy Wonder Part IV

For Part I
“But why can't I help?” asked Casey in the truck the next morning as his aunt drove him to school.
“I told you, you're not old enough.”
“But I've been practicing with the quarter mast, and...”
“Casey.” Interrupted his aunt, “I told you when you are 12 you can start helping.”
Casey folded his arms across his chest and pouted.
Ria sighed, “I know it seems like a long ways off, and I know you want to go out and face the forces of darkness, and you will, I promise.”
Casey looked out the window not listening.
Ria pulled into the parking lot in front of the play ground. “Look,” she said, “how about you talk to your friends, find out who has already been visited by that strange dream.”
“You said you wanted to help right?” Casey nodded, “Well right now we have to find this wonder boy before the sprites do. If you can find out who has already been attacked then we can narrow down who it might still be. How does that sound?”
“Alright.” He said getting out of the car.
“I'll be here to pick you up.” She called after him.

Casey hurried out onto the play ground jumping into the line for four square as his aunt drove off. He talked to his friends and classmates when the bell rang and he was seated in his class room he went through the people he had talked to and made a list of those who had had the dream and who hadn't. He didn't need to write them down but it did help him to see where the fairs might have already visited.
Mrs. Fitch called roll like she did every morning. Casey answered when his name was called, but then she called a name and no one answered, so she asked the class, “Has anyone seen Archie?”
Casey sat up and looked around, he hadn't seen Archie, and Archie was one of those kids who wasn't allowed to stay home, he was always at school but he did have a practice of showing up a few minuets after the bell. And it didn't look like anyone else had seen Archie either. He shot his hand up in the air, “Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Fitch.”
“Yes Casey?”
“I need to call my aunt, it's an emergency!”
Mrs. Fitch looked at him with disbelief.
“It really really is.”
Mrs. Fitch sighed, when she had met Ria on the first day of school one thing that she had been most adamant was that if Casey said he needed to call her then Mrs. Fitch better let him call her. “I suppose.”
Casey jumped out of his seat and grabbed the hall pass then ran down the hall. Someone yelled, “Walk Mr. Michelson!” but he ignored it. The walk was going to be destroyed if they didn't get there first.

Jesse was bent over a map of the city marking off places where their had been reports of strange occurrences over the past few days. Ria was looking up all the information on Kazum Draug and Sloagdor to see if she could find out where the monster was hiding when the phone when off. “hello?” there was a pause then he handed the phone over to Ria, “It's Casey.”
Ria took the phone, “yes?”
“It's Archie Smith!” he said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, he didn't come to school today.”
“Okay we'll check it out.”
“He lives at 322 walnut st.”
“You did good Case, I'll see you after school.” She hung up the phone “I think Casey might have found our boy wonder, is there anything in the police reports for 322 walnut street last night?”
“Um.” Jesse scrolled through the pages on his computer, “yes here it is, looks like a missing person's report.”
“That's gotta be our boy,” Ria grabbed her keys and headed to the door, “I'll go check it out, find out where Kazum had set up shop.”

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