Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Simple women's day book 4

For Today: April 25 2011
You can find more day books at Simple woman's daybook

Outside my window: Green, spring has sprung

I am Thinking: that I don't like my job very much but i don't really know what to do about it, a new story that is dancing in my head, and how to stay warm under the electric blanket without damaging my lap top while it is on my lap. 
I am Thankful For: Friends, and relatives

From the Kitchen: Greg is cooking green curry and beef. 

I am wearing: My blue PINK sweats and a white tank, and my house coat. 

I am Creating: a new story with no name, about a strange girl named Drucilia 

I am Going:  no where special tonight but latter this week the improv group i am in is performing so it looks to be a busy week. 

I am Reading: The Simarillian, Soul Music by Terry Pratchett and Hamlet

I am Hoping: That it will not rain tonight or  tomorrow
I am Hearing: The sounds of cars mostly

Around the House: Stuff.

One of My Favorite Things: Electric blankets!

A Picture I felt like Sharing: Easter Bread!

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