Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple women's day book 5

For Today: April 19 2011
You can find more day books at Simple woman's daybook

Outside my window: too many people

I am Thinking: of how much I hate my job.
I am Thankful For: A husband who is an amazing man of God.

From the Kitchen: Last night we had some chicken concoction Greg came up with

I am wearing: My new jeans and a white tank top

I am Creating: Knitting Christmas presents, Painting an Icon (the Cross of San Damiano) Writing act one of Ashes and Snowflakes... still

I am Going:  To a yarn shop and then to Improv practice. 

I am Reading: There are several things, but i am most excited about a new book I got called Knits men want: the 10 rules every women should know before knitting for a man.  Plus the only 10 patterns she'll ever need. I love it already. 

I am Hoping: To escape from my horrible funk
I am Hearing: Ari conditioning

Around the House: Blankets, knitting supplies, Writing supplies

A Picture I want to share: My own little corner: 

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