Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hunger Games chapters 10-14

I finished reading The Hunger Games for a while now. As I was reading I took several notes and wrote out my thoughts through reading. I'm going to post them for the next couple of days, then maybe write up a bit of an essay, I am very interested by the way the tributes are treated and what the names given to the tributes who are named could be saying in the background noise of Katness's personal point of view. On to my thoughts of Chapters 10-14:

1. I like this section, or I did before I decided that maybe the world should have ended.

2. the whole thing with the interviews was kind of cool I mean it is basically a critic the glamor and glitz of Hollywood. and the irony of the first person Katness kills who has a name is Glimmer is not lost on me. I think it is interesting that we see though Glimmer's death the stripping away of the glamor of the games.

3. I like Peeta, the whole thing is pretty obvious that he is working to help Katness from the start, but what I really like is what he says to Katness on the roof the night before they head off to be slaughtered. It tells me that he wants to play by his rules. he knows what the games are and he doesn't want to be their pawn. it is interesting and I wonder how many tributes have tried to defy capitol with their deaths.

4. On that line I can't help but wonder about everything that went into the cultural acceptance of the Hunger Games. how beaten was the first generation that sent their children to kill and be killed? has there ever been a parent who has attempted to defy Capitol? Has a tribute ever taken their own life?

5. I wonder about the other tributes, we know so little about them. there are 24 of them but only 8 are given identifiers that are not their district numbers. I would love to have a small glance into their lives who they were what their thoughts were and what they left behind.

Well that is everything. God Speed and Open Roads. 

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Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I suppose I am going to have to actually read the book one of these days.