Friday, February 01, 2013

The Middleton twins.

So my friend and cousin Darci Cole has hit 100 followers on her blog. To celibrate she is having a thing at her blog. She gave a nice little photo prompt and now to win the prize you have to write a short story (300-500) words. So here is mine about two twin sisters who happen to fight things that go bump in the night. (see if you can guess which fairy tale heroines these girls are based off of. ;)

The fog was thick that night, and Temperance and Prudence Middleton were walking down an old road, sight by side flashlights piercing the blanket of fog. The lights looked like the eyes of some great daemon. "are you sure this is the right road?" asked Prudence.

"I've told you one hundred times," said Temperance shining her light into the tree line, "It's this road, The hand of Vecna is here." Prudence and Temperance had the same build and the same dark blue eyes but that was where the resemblance stopped. Temperance had pale alabaster skin and raven black hair, while Prudence's complexion was rosy and had wild red hair.

"And what kind of things are we going to be up against?"Prudence pulled out her gun and shone her flash light so she could see if she needed to shoot.  

"Ghouls mostly," answered Temperance.

"Is it going to be an actual hand?"

"No it was part of a statute." they continued walking, keeping a watchful eye at the treeline.

"So Temp, here's what I don't get." said Prudence, "why would the hand just be laying here, I mean why isn't it in some Necromancer's collection?"

"Shshshshs." Temperance waved her hand, "Do you hear that?"

They listened, very quietly they heard a voice chanting.

Prudence nodded, "Lights out." they quietly walked towards the voice and it wasn't long before they saw the green light that identified the necromancer's magic. as they walked farther they could see the necromancer and several ghouls silhouetted by the fire. Temperance pulled out her bag of salt and walked to a better position as Prudence aimed her gun at the necromancer. Time slowed as they prepared to attack. Temperance started by throwing salt at the ghouls on one side of the fire. They shreeked against the pain and the spell was broken. Prudence shot the necromancer. He slumped and landed in the fire.

Prudence ran to get to her sister's side. Temperance was fighting off several of the ghouls Showering them with holy water and blessed salt. Prudence shot several of the rest of them.  Soon the ghouls were dead or retreating.  "okay," said Prudence, "where's the hand."

The necromancer stood in the fire, around his neck was the stone relic. He laughed at them. Prudence aimed her gun at him and shot three times. He continued to laugh. Temperance threw holy water at him. It evaporated before it could get near him. The necromancer held up his hand and pulled it down. The air exploded and the girls were thrown back.

When Temperance came to she saw that the fire was out and the necromancer was gone. coughed and slowly stood up, "Prue?" she asked.


"you okay?"

Prudence carefully stood, "I think so." she brushed herself off. "did he get away?"


"That sucks"

"I guess we wait for him to show up again." Temperance turned on her flashlight, "let's go home."


Welcome to LUCAH Designs said...

I love the idea of a pair of female supernatural-hunters. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of the pair working together. Cool idea!