Thursday, February 07, 2013

insecure writers Support Group February addition '13

So I forgot about IWSG yesterday. My life has been a general miss mash of crazy, and not the fun crazy that is a confetti cake with rainbow sprinkles, the other kind of crazy.

Needless to say that has effected my writing. as one friend said this week, "I've never seen you so shaken." And he was right. when it came to confidence about anything in life I was in desperate need of Maria to show up singing "I have confidence," and "favorite things." generally I should have called up my good friend J.J. and borrowed the sound of music.

So insecure writer's support group, I am probably in massive need of support this week. life's been a roller coaster that I am not convinced is safe or finished. Up until a few days ago I was pretty sure the bottom was about to drop out at any minuet. (any one who's been on a roller coaster with me can imagine how scary this metaphor is for me.)

the good news is that the crazy, at least the creepy clown with a knife crazy, may be passing, leaving me with the good only crazy confetti cake covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Here is my advice. when you are feeling down, when the world is turning upside down, and you've realized that the roller coaster tracks are going to drop out from underneath you, find your friends. you have friends because they think you are a pretty cool person. otherwise they wouldn't be you friends. grab one or two that you can trust and pour your insecurities out to them with a bottle of American honey.

oh and here is a little Maria to help everyone to remember that there are things we can have confidence in.

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Rachna Chhabria said...

Lets hope your low feelings go away soon. Visiting from the IWSG.