Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New to HBO

so HBO has a new TV show. it is called big love and it is a bout a poligamust mormon family. I am in shock but i guess i really shouldn't be because after all there is a lds canadate for the 2008 election. I am apoled though that this practice which has mostly been practiced by more fanatical groups of mormonism is now being paraded on primetime television. the feminist in me lashes out because this is so direogatoriy towards women, and discusting. why should a man demand not to share his wife but a wife must share her husbend? it is steps backwards for the sefferadge of women.

but in this age of talarence we must see that there is a second side to this story. maybe he really loves all three of his wives... you know that can't eat, can't sleep reach for the stars, over the fince world series Love.

or maybe it is one of the many other reasons for getting married, you know money, stablity, lonleyness, family honnor, salvation (at least for the mormon), sex, kids, and i am shure that there are other reasons that for marrage.

I have not seen this show yet, but i think i will try to find a way to watch it because i only have some rabit ears and don't get HBO. i have a feeling thought that it will be the mormon version of the Deona Reed show. perfect happy loving family where the house is always clean, and the food is one the table the minuet the husben comes home from work and the wife always looks her best.


Lindy said...

I have a hard time believing that they are going to portray poygamy in a gracious light. They may make it "complex", but the husband will come off as ultimatly selfish. There isn't that much tolerence yet.

glo said...

I don't know lin, I watched the preview on the internet and one of the boys is talking about how much he loves the fact that his family is so big, that he never feels alone, and that they are going to be together forever. but i'll say more when i see an eposoide.

Queen Creek Chaffee's said...

Glo - I got to say I am very disappointed with this post or the lack of accuracy with this post. Polygamy is NOT a practice by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons). In fact it is against the law to practice polygamy in the United States and is not a supported practice by the Mormons at all. Any group that is affiliated with polygamy and claims to be Mormon is in actuality not Mormon at all. Polygamy is not condoned, supported, or accepted by any individual within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I would expect you to know this as many of your family and people who love you very much are Mormons. Please ask questions rather than contribute to the misunderstanding that is out there. As a matter of fact this controversial show has a disclaimer at the beginning explaining that the individuals portrayed in the show are in no way affiliated with or supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

glo said...

Daine, I know that the 'mainstream' Mormon church does not publicly approve of Polygamy. There are Mormons who are not fanatics who practice polygamy. The pastor I work under lived in Richland and Orem Utah for a time. During this time he served on the Earthquake safety board with a Mormon man who had two wives and his temple recommend and in his son’s Boy Scout troop there was a man with three wives who also still had his temple recommend. Polygamy is openly practiced there despite the laws.

I do know that the show is not written by or approved by the LDS. However it does show this is a lifestyle that is practiced by less mainstream Mormons in Utah who are not in the category of fanatics, they don't live off in the hills separated form the world. It shows the lifestyle that is as natural and acceptable as any other marriage arrangement.

I have emailed you a copy of this and some of the research that i have done on mormonaism and poligamy.

Queen Creek Chaffee's said...

Anyone who practices polygamy and claims to be Mormon is not. You can not have a recomend if you participate in polygamy and in fact are excommunicate if you do. I can assure you that the person or persons that your pastor knew were not members of our church if they were involved in thoes practices. They may have claimed to be, but they were not. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not support that at all.