Monday, June 11, 2007

Worship Journal 1

I wonder if maybe some people go through the motions in worship so much that they have forgotten what worship is. you know that they think that they are worshiping but really they are not. somehow we lose.

I just wonder if sometimes we don't put up barrios between Us and God and God and others.

some times i think worship becomes about us and not about god. even in this war of music. all music belongs to God, even the fluffy stuff can be worship, (yes i did say that, after all what good would a pillow be if there was no fluff?)

I wonder If God is worshiped during the singing part of my service? Is it just a performances for those on the stage, is it just going through the motions for those in the pews, or do we come to lay our hearts on the alter as a sacrifice?

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Queen Creek Chaffee's said...

We must be careful as to categorizing worship. There are many different forms of worship, how I worship may not be how you worship. With that being said I do believe like you that many do just go through the motions. They draw near with their lips but their actions are far away. I know that there is a god that loves each and every one of us, and if and when we communicate with him he is there for us. But it is more than just showing up on Sunday for Church that our Father in Heaven looks at.