Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Politics has just got hairier

This morning in a privet conversation it was over heard that Barrack Obama has a very interesting idea of who his vice president will be if he does indeed win the nomination. None other then the beloved Big Foot from the forest of Washington. This News tip was given to the former members of the Weekly World News who decided to use their contacts to find out if there was any truth to this. On the record Sasquatch said that he could only say that he would be more then happy to serve the country he has lived in for hundreds of years in this capacity. it seems that over a vacation in Washington Obama met Big foot and they became friends and continue to converse over letters. one of these letters did include language that implied that Big Foot would be Yin to Obama's Yang.
Sasquatch got into politics when his friend bat Boy attempted to run for president, but was disqualified because he is not a born citizen of the United states. when asked for a statement Bat Boy smiled and said, "the Hairy guy deserves it, and it would be great for us freaks to have some kind of representation in the white house."

As for Obama he says that there has been much though of who would be his running mate, but until he has the nomination he will not be making any official statement.

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