Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Dryer Saga

Greg and I have recently moved into a nice little duplex. We have been slowly unpacking, slowly getting rid of boxes, Slowly acquiring furniture, and slowly making this little house a home.  And in that process there have been hilarities.

The most impressive is the Saga of the Dryer. We bought a washer used and were very happy about how much money we saved but then it took a bit longer for us to find a dryer.  because we couldn't really wait for one to turn up used, Greg went and got a new one.  He made sure to get the narrowest one they had for a reasonable price.

Now this is where the fun comes in, the delivery boys came and as they were hooking up the dryer they looked at the duct work that it was supposed to connect to and said, "huh, we've never seen one like that." so they left the house without hooking it up.  we duct taped it for the time being so we could use it.  So the next week we do a Lowes run to try and get all the right parts.  We didn't get the right parts and we found out that the dryer did not want to fit into the closet. So The dryer continued to live in the middle of the kitchen and was duct taped to the duct.

The next week end our land lords come because there were a couple of things that needed to be fixed.  They explained that the duct outlet that we had does not use the hose but butts up to the dryer's output.  As for getting the dryer into the closet he sugested that we get some friends and pick the dryer up and set it down inside.  I was not convinced that it would work.

Another week passed, our kitchen was taken over by the dryer, for weeks it had been sitting in the middle of the kitchen frustrating me.  that saturday was My friend's baby shower and she asked about the dryer.  She is a good friend and the wife of our paster.  I told her all the frustration of it not being in the closet and she volunteered her husband and another member of the church to come over and fix it Sunday after church.

After church three guys come over and situate themselves to pick the dryer up and put it into the closet.  The smallest got the job of being in the little tiny space between the wall of the closet and the water heater.  We joked about whether or not he would be able to get out, or if he would get smashed.  He promised not to haunt us and our pastor assured us that if anything happened he would be sure to preform a requiem just in case.

Well they man-handled it around and finely it slipped into the space, about a half foot of the ground.  But, it was in the closet.  All that was left was for our almost ghost to get out.  He jumped up on the dryer and SLAM the dryer was now on the floor and our friend was freed.

Writing it out like this it is not nearly as funny as it seemed at the time, but went I look at our laundry closet and the scratches of paint it is good to know that I am in a community of friends who are willing to come over and help us force a large appliance into submission.

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