Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paths to Christ

Every person has their own unique story of how God has called to them and how they came to Christ.  Each person starts with their own specific set of circumstances which make each story different, and when god calls each individual it is in their own specific situation.  

Some people come to Christ at a young age and remain faithful threw out there lives.  for some Christ visits them in dreams.  Some people have scars from the things they tried before answering the call of God.  others heard and followed immediately.  Some people know the exact date and hour of the conversion for others no one part of their journey can be called the turning point.  God works in all kinds of ways and not everyone gets a Damascus moment, not everyone has their heart feel strangely warm, not everyone hears a voice that says 'pick up and read'.  But God called each one who comes to Christ in the way that he knew they would understand him best, and that is kind of cool.  God created us each different, and he has a plan to call out to each person according to the things that make them unique in the world. 

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