Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Podcast Sugestion

I have started listening to podcasts while at work.  One that is quickly becoming one of my favorites is, I Should be Writing.  On this show Mur Lafferty talks about the ups and downs of writing professionally.  She gives encouragement to those who are struggling to keep on keeping on, and gives that kick in the pants that is always helpful. Seriously sense listening to her show when ever I know I should be writing he voice and the theme song to her podcast run through my head.  She also interviews successful writers for advice on how to break into the business and some general advise.

her show includes two specials, Good cop/Bad cop, in which she and a friend answer questions Mur being the good cop who is all encouraging and her friend Matt is the bad cop who basically tells everyone they should just give up now because they suck.  I don't think I would ever send a question to this part of the podcast but it is really entertaining.  and by entertaining I mean hilarious. the second special is new and called Bootstraps in which her friend Christopher shares a short thought on his own journey as he is travailing it.    this part is all encouragement to get over those obstacles that writers come across as they are trying to get a piece finished and published. 

All in all I really like this podcast and recommend it to all my friends who are trying to become writers.  

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