Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is an important day on the Christian calender.  Sadly it is a day that most modern evangelicals and protestantism don't know what to do with Holy Saturday.  Good Friday is when Jesus died and Easter is Resurrection Sunday.  both those everyone gets.  But Holy Saturday... that is when Jesus was dead.

So in the world Holy Saturday is a bad day.  The light of the world had been slain, and the world seemed darker.  Evil won, or at least it had appeared to win.  Everyone was morning the death of the messiah who was supposed to save the world now lay in a silent grave.

But that was only what was seen and experienced in the mortal world. in the eternal world something very different was happening.

Imagen for a moment something like Dante's hell.  Satan is in the center all around him dancing and celebrating are his minions.  The air is filled with the cries of torment from the tortured human souls.  Noise fills the air with the thick sulfuric clouds.

Then there is a crash and everyone goes silent, and HE walks in.  All the daemons and minions of hell shrink back as HE makes HIS way to a cage where two anguished souls are huddled in a corner.

Satan king of hell stops him, "NO their mine!" He holds the scepter of hell  before HIM and attempts to prod HIM back.

HE, Jesus, looks at the lord of death moment, then makes to go past him.

Satan prods HIM again but this time Jesus waves it away. Satan falls back as the Scepter explodes without contact with the Hand of the Creator. There are shrieks and scrambling as the lower beings hid from the sharp shards which are embedded into those who are too slow to escape.

Jesus, the Son of God and of Man, continues to the cage.  Holding the door closed is a huge padlock called Sin which requires many keys to open.  For the first time sense its Establishment is silent as all the residence hold their breath to see what HE will do next.  Jesus takes hold of the door and with little effort HE pulls them from their hinges.  The locked door of sin is tossed aside as if it is nothing.

The daemons and damned together scatter in hopes of not being crushed.

Jesus tenderly takes up the two prisoners in his arms.  A man and a women: Adam and Eve, the mother and father of all humanity.  HE caries them like children then turns to walk out the door.

"NO!" Whines Satan the father of lies, "Their mine!"

The gates of hell which are called Death and Grave, slam shut.

HE considers the gates carefully, then still holding the man formed from dust and the women crafted from his side. Jesus continues forward.  They shutter, as their masters will and the will of their masters creator conflict, then burst open like a broken damn flying form their hinges.

The ruler of hell attempts once more to stop this standing between the Annihilated gates and the word which spoke the world into existence. "This isn't how it was supposed to happen, this is mine!"

Jesus bats him aside, "Not any more."

And Jesus left hell in shambles, the daemons cowering in their holes and Satan crushed against a wall where he was defeated.

And that is why we celebrate Holy Saturday.

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