Saturday, April 30, 2011

Looking back on April

Around the house: Goals for April- sadly I did not meet any of my goals here.  but I did get my pictures unpacked and now that our tax return came in hopefully we will get the last piece of furniture for the living room. Goals for May-Change My name and Implement 30 days of cleaning.

Out of the Notebook: Goals for April-worked on but not completed.  I got to scene 9 of 15 of Ashes and snowflakes and to scene 11 of 15  of The rescue.  Goals for May- Get to the end of act one for both stories.

On the Needles: Goals for April-met! I made my first sweater! Goals for May- finish my wedding shrug, and get my gift Q finalized.

From the Sketch Book: Goals for April-not met (sad face). however I did make some good head way and maybe I will share some of the sketches I have done.  Goals for May-Finish the Icon.

In the Blog-a-sphere: Goals for April-almost met, I put up 11 blogs, which averages to almost 3 a week. Goals for May-well I have added a new weekly feature I think I will will give my self a smaller goal, every week have my three weekly posts up.

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