Friday, April 27, 2012

April Reads: The Lies of Lock Lamora

This is the first book I have finished reading in April. and it will probably be the only book I finish. now on the month that all the random books i am listening to a chapter a week get done it will be a very cushy month but for now one book at a time is how I get to my goal.  I read this book because it was being read by the book club I kinda follow, but I fell behind in the reading so I haven't listened to that pod cast for a wail. but here are 6 reasons why I think you should read it.

1. It is Robin Hood meets Oceans 11. It mixes all the great caper icons and puts them into a fantasy. seriously imagine the gang from leverage using magic  and medieval weaponry, Besides they call themselves the Gentleman Bastards, just think about what that tittle could mean for a second. Come on what more is there to say?

2. Well how about Sharks! every one loves shark week right? well now you can read about people not just being attacked by sharks but entering into combat with sharks. talk about raising the tension.

3. Still not convinced huh? How about Animal Husbandry? What situation isn't made better by Animal husbandry? Just ask red mage.

4. Okay I can see you don't believe me. you want something deeper then flashing prestidigitation, gory battle scenes, bizarre animal companions, or epic escapes. how about a swash buckling hero? One who is handsome and smart?

5. What if I told you the story is filled with loyalty, friendship, and revenge?

6. right well here is my last card: the crafting of this story is genius. character history, world history and other prospective are mixed into the story in such a way which pull back that adds to the story and never distracts from it. the way Scott Lynch pulls back the curtain to show you how detailed his world is amazing. from the buildings which are the remains of a forgotten race, to the 12, no 13 Gods. actually if you use the craft and want to put a religion where the characters see their gods as transcendent this book would be a great place to get a feel for how others do it. The prayers of his characters to their deities flow naturally from the current situations.

Okay so now that i have explained why you should read it what are you waiting for go to your library right now!

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