Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flash fiction: Bruise, Spectrum, Wind

Found out about this flash fiction contest from Darci, thought I would give it a try.  I looked into the opening of a story that I look forward to writing soon-ish. I missed the cut off time but I thought I would post it anyway. Enjoy:

“Ouch. Damn that is going to leave a bruise.” Clarrissa shook her hand. Slaming her car door on her finger was stupid. It was bad enough she had a flat tire that made her 6 hours late getting home from her 13 hour drive from school. She slung her back pack over her shoulder, she would unpack her car in the morning. The wind tossed her black hair and jingled her mother's chimes. The wind and the chimes always reminded her of home. Though it was weird that the lights were all out. No matter how late she ran Clarissa's parents always waited up for her. Her mother was a night owl any way and her Nana hardly ever slept at night.

She opened the door. CAW! Clarissa jumped a crow flew out. She shook her head, Spectrum! She yelled. Stupid bird it was her grandmother's pet. “Mom?” She said as she stepped in, “Dad?” She dropped her bag on the chair. “Nana?” She slipped her shoes off. It seemed like they really were all asleep. She walked across the floor to where the light switch was. There was something wet on the floor, and sticky. She turned on the light.

Time stopped. She could feel each heart beat, when the light illuminated the gory scene before her. There was blood under her feet, and it came from the hand woven rug. “Mom!” She dove on her mothers body. There was no pulse. Tears poured, she sniffed, daddy, “Please God, no.” she grabbed her father's arm. But it was limp, his eyes stared off. She sat back, “No no no...”she buried her face in her hands. She took out of her phone and dialed 911, “Yes my parents are,” her voice cracked...”I just got home and they're... They're, she sniffed back tears, they're dead...Okay um..oh, Nana.” Clarissa stood and ran up the stairs. The moon light shown through the window of her grandmother's room. The door and window were opened. “Nana?” Her grandmother was slouched in her chair, her knitting was soaked with blood.


Darci Cole said...

Gaaahhhh!!! Creepy! Haha! Not a book I would read, but well done nonetheless :-) Good job Glo!

Gloria Sigountos said...

Awe thanks Darci. It's too bad you wouldn't read the rest of the story though. you'll never find out who did it or why.