Monday, April 16, 2012

Versatile Awards

All right yes I have been neglecting my on line persona, sorry real life got in the way, today is the first day i have felt like blogging. not that I haven't got a huge line up for things I want to write about but things just haven't been working out. Anyway. I decided that I have put this off long enough. Daniel Jones, also known as the Usual fool, my good friend on line and off has nominated me for a Versatile Award. I can not express how flattering this is. really, I go back and forth over this site. some times I am very good and get lots of content but most the time I figure the majority of the hits here are people looking for pictures, yes I make it a habit to be self deprecating. So hearing this from a friend is awesome. So Thank you Daniel your the best! But any way-

I had no idea what the award was so I headed over to the Versatile blogger Award. now I have to share 7 things about myself and Nominate other bloggers. Okay so the nominating part is the fun part so I will do that first:
1. Darci is my Cousin in law (I think that is what it is called anyway) I love her and I love reading all the things she writes about. she is working on becoming a novelist while chasing her little Monkey and preparing for a new addition.

2. Amy is one of my new on line friends, I have never met her but thanks to Darci I have been able to read her thoughts about life and her own writing. though she writes under the name of Hero over at

3. is a newer blog that i follow. Morgan Shamy is one of those people who loves what she does and wants to see others succeed as well. she has been a big encouragement to me this year.

4. first non writing blog. I went to seminary with Seth. he is an great guy. This past lent I used his blog as a devotional reading. his writings about scripture and the fathers are insightful and well worth the read. he has slowed down the amount of content he puts out now that lent is over but I look forward to how his blog continues in the weeks to come.

5. okay last one: Liz is a friend of mine from college. I have probably been following her blog the longest. she writes about her life as a youth and children's pastor, her explorations as a writer, and shares her interesting conversations with Favorite Atheist. thanks to her blog she is one of the few people from college that I still feel like I have some kind of relationship with.

Okay so second part 7 things about me. usually one of the big things I like to share with people is that I want to be a novelist some day. but really you hang out here enough you should know that so we wont count that one.

The next thing that I like to share with people is that I spent a summer working for my dad on a land based oil rig. I don't know if my dad knows this but it was possibly one of the best summers of my life. I really was able to get to know my dad in a new way, the memories of us driving the five hours to get to camp from home listening to music and talking about what ever we felt like will always be treasured. you know how you have those moments when you and your parents can hang out as piers and not as parent and child? those drives and that time working on the rig was defiantly it for me.

So something else... until I was 9 you couldn't get me in pants. I only wore dresses. and not just any dresses but lacy fluffy dresses that swirled around me when I twirled. those were the days when I wanted to be like Shirley Temple, and dressing like her was a big deal. That was probably the time that I really hated my short straight hair. with no curls to bounce as I pretended to tap dance up and down the stairs. now remember I grew up in Wyoming, a place known for its fridged winters. how did I survive and win those fights with my mom about dressing for the weather? I wore thick woolen tights. Gosh I miss those things they were so petty and warm. Seriously tights are awesome nylons suck!

One of my big accomplishments recently was finishing the Silmarillion. Loved reading it, will probably read it again. I just feel so great about that. you know I have talked to so many people who started it and never finished it, I just love that i am in the group of people who made it!

Lets see what else, I am still great friends with two of my 'nursery' friends. you know the friends you make when you were in nursery. One of them was my Matron of Honor.  but I feel very lucky that these two girl friends from the earliest days of my childhood are still such great friends.

Over half way done, my favorite move of all time is The Flight of the Navigator. It's campy, full of fun time travel in the 80's, and the Beach Boys. I haven't watched in in forever but it was probably one of those moves that sparked my imagination.

I like Games. I consider my self quite the gamer. I love playing table top games and there are several video games I like to play. -like Dynasty warrior I need to go over to the Jones' some time to just play that for a while.- but mostly I find that I like watching other people play the games then play my self. I used to make up Dialogue and voices for my brother's games when we were kids you know back before there were voice actors in the majority of games. now I just watch my husband play. he often will eat the game and I no longer have as much desire to play because I have see how the story ended.

And the last thing about me for the day.... I Love food. this is actually a big deal because I used to be the pickiest kid in the world (or so I thought before I met people who are even pickier. which I didn't think was possible.) ever sense I went on my first mission trip to LA and Tijuana I realized that food can be different and taste good. also that it wasn't worth throwing a fit about not getting the food you wanted. and that it was kind of rude to not just eat what you were offered.  actually now that I think about it every missions trip I have gone on has represented an important change in my life. I should blog about them. but not today. I am done for today.

Hope you take a look at the awesome blogs I nominated and learned a little something new about me in the process.


Morgan said...

YOU ROCK, Gloria. I thought you had been quiet for a while and came in to peek on you and BAM! Stumbled upon such a nice shout out. :D

Thanks SO much.

Great to read fun things about you. You are a talent with so much ahead of you. We're all stoked to see where you go ;)

Darci Cole said...

I feel so bad I didn't even see this til now! Life has gotten in the way, I'm so sorry :-( But thank you! I'll be sure to pass it on! You're awesome!