Saturday, April 21, 2012

Writing competition: Novalee's Origin Story

(So Darcy decided to host a writing competition, and well I couldn't help myself. so here is a fun little tale that I worked very hard on to get under the word count limit)

“Jade, breakfast is here.” Said Maso

Novalee sighed “I asked you not to call me that any more.” She stepped out from behind the modesty screen. She wore a plain dress which fit loosely, which made her feel shielded from the world. She breathed in the wondrous scents as she sat down and reached for the hot bacon.

“no.” Maso grabbed her hand. “you don't want to ruin your figure.”

Novalee laughed, “of course I do. I never want to be hungry again, and if that means I gain rolls becoming so fat that I wattle down the street.” she tried to take the bacon back.

“I said no.” he slapped her hand.

She slapped him back, “I'll eat what I want.”

After breakfast Maso got out his violin and Novalee pulled out her ocarina. They played together till Maso got ready to play for the other patrons of the inn

“Can I come with you? We play well together and...”

“It's too dangerous. They're still looking for you.”

It was late when he got back. “Awe my sweet Jade you look lovely in moonlight.”

“have you been drinking?”

He grabbed her wrist, “So what if I have.”

“Let go.” Somehow in the next moment Novalee found herself on the bed with Maso on top of her she struggled. “Stop it.”

“No I've waited long enough.” he pulled her skirts out of his way. “You owe me, or did you think I helped you out of the goodness of my heart?”

“Get off me!” When he didn't listen she bit him. Her teeth clamped on his earring and she tore at it. He yelped. Blood dribbled down his cheek.

He smacked her. “You stupid whore.”

Novalee fell off the bed and cowered.

“you bitch! What do you think you are? Suddenly a free women, no you are a whore, you where born a whore and you will die a whore.” he walked over kicked her. “I'll be back in the morning and I expect you to behave more like you were taught.”

She heard the door shut and lock. She didn't move, she wanted to cry instead she took a deep breath. She was an adventurer now, it was time to act like one.

When Maso came back she was ready for him. “Jade? Where are you?”

“Over here.” She said.

“I hope you ar...” a large heavy bundle flew down and smacked him on the back. He lost his balance and fell forward against the balcony rail which broke under his weight.

He came up for air just in time to see her throw his violin into the lake after him. “Jade what?”

“I'm not Jade any more!” she yelled, “I'm Novalee. And no one is ever going to touch me like that again, not you not the priests not any one.” With that she left. She had waited years to live her life, no one was going to stop her now.


Darci Cole said...

I love it! Her emotions are raw, and the intensity of each moment is very clear. I like her spunk! That's what I want my Kolina to be like and I keep failing to nail it, haha! Great job Glo!

Feaky Snucker said...

Never mind him attempting to rape her, he DENIED HER BACON! Now, THAT is a terrifying villain!

SuperRunkels said...

(Visiting from Darci's blog) That's intense! Good job!

Cassie Mae said...

Totally giggling at Feaky's comment, lol.

This is a really good excerpt. I'm totally freaked out but also like, heck ya! This girl totally rocks!

Heather Douglass said...

Darci, could we allow an extension to the word count in this case? You can't meet a character like Novalee and not want to understand more -- how she ended up with Maso, what she suffered before, why he won't call her by the right name, and what kind of life she's hoping for. I feel I've only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Jessa Russo (Stadtler) said...

I agree with Heather ... There is so much more to this story and I want to know it! Is this a snippet of something you're working on? You definitely have a good story here!

Gloria Sigountos said...

Hehe well Heather and Jessa there is more to this character she is the character I play in a dongouns and dragons. I'll make you all a deal. If I get three more people ask for a more fleshing out of this story I will write a ~three part series about Novalee's back story. Up to the point when she meets up with the rest of the party.