Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disney Trip day 3

Disney trip Day Three
Ugggghhh. as I think over everything that happened yesterday, ugh. So Nothing much happened on Day two, it was kind of nice I just did some walking, driving around, and getting to know Blanche a little bit. -let me just say this I am glad, so glad that Blanche is hear.
even though I am not particularly found of her. she has shown that she has several of those little idiosyncrasies that are associated with the lower-upper class or Upper-Middle class. but she is nice and is good at showing appreciation, which is again nice. (oh and she doesn't like UK Sports which does encourage good will)
On to the Crazy which was yesterday. For the most part it was fine. I was the only one up till about noon and I really like this time sense it is the only time when I feel free to be myself and I do get a lot done.
But in the early afternoon the false tranquility was broken. the funny thing I was on the phone with my mother at the time. Ms. Havisham recently purchased a new I-pad, the new I-pads have a new power cord, which I didn't know. I also didn't know that Ms. Havisham hadn't taken the time to change out her cords. The cord to her old I-pad was in the same place as the new one. Well I grabbed the first cord I saw. Any way from how Ms. Havisham acted it was either because I am stupid or I maliciously wanted to make her life miserable. interesting time for my mother to be listening in on the phone, Don't you think?
Anyway a good thing came out of the whole thing. Once again my mother showed me how much she loves me, I am so grateful for my mother.
It wouldn't bother me so much when this happens if she would thank me when I fix my mistakes, or even apologies for yelling at me. anyway the day continues....
last night we went to The ESPN restaurant and a piano bar called Jelly Rolls. But first ESPN: I am not a big sports person. I like Football, baseball and hockey. Ms. Havisham likes basketball. and not just any basketball, she likes UK Basketball. She is a fanatic about it. screaming at the top of her lungs in a restaurant, where the main game on the screen is not UK Basketball but Detroit vs St. Louis Hockey. It's funny that she has said that she thinks she can convert me to liking UK when she makes me embarrassed to be a t the restaurants with her, when watching it. That was not the only thing that embarrassed me at this restaurant. Ms. Havisham loves to complain. She's always cold, or has heart burn, or something else is always wrong. I'm pretty sure it is so she can be the center of attention. anyway this night while the food was good she complained about how the dish her food was brought to her in was covered with a paper, which she had cut through and was convinced she was eating the paper. (really it had just bunched up as she ate and ripped the paper.) But then she had to say things like "I don't know what they do this, it is so silly," over and over again. because she says everything at least three times usually more.
So at Jelly Rolls. this place was not what I expected. I figured it would be a place that had several tables and a dance floor where people would social dance to music from before 1980. this is what Ms. Havisham led me to believe. it was mostly standing room, music from any time, and loud. at first I was annoyed. I didn't really like most of the poppy music the piano players were playing. Then I was very sad. very quickly they started to play songs that were on rock band which my friends and I haven't played in forever it feels like. I realized that this was a place i would have a lot of fun if my friends where with me. the best point was when they started playing country which I like, but Ms. Havisham and Blanche hate so it was time to go.
one last note, Ms Havisham is a terrible navigator. from here on out I will have my own directions so I don't have to rely on her bad directions.

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