Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Trip Days 4 and 5

Disney trip days 4 and 5
Well I am now on over the hump of my trip. thank God! I can not wait to get home. I miss my husband, my friends, and I am just so lonely!

anyway So lets start with day four when I finely make it to the Magic Kingdom.

I loved the magic kingdom. in fact I tried to make a vlog while I was there but that didn't work out so well. But I went on the tea cups, visited the Tikki Room and went on the Jungle tour. but most importantly I met several of the Disney Princesses. That was more fun then it ought to have been I mean the Princesses aren't real, and the girls are just actresses but you know what it is still fun. they are good and sweet. enjoying the fact that they get to play this part as much as I enjoy playing make believe with them. And there were all these little girls walking around in little princess dresses. they made me jealous. So It is decided if I ever come to Disney land or world again i am Cos-playing. Geek? Gladly, Nerd? Proudly.

Sadly Ms. Havisham was not impressed and couldn't understand why I didn't go on any of the rides. In her mind I didn't do anything, even though I had all day to wonder. She just doesn't understand that for me Disney world means something different, then it means to her.

So Day 5 I went to see the hobbit. Finely I have seen the movie i have been waiting a whole year to see. Let me just say I went in with low expectations, The Return of the king had so many bad parts in it that I was worried that Jackson was going to kick me in the teeth. I do a longer blog post about this latter let me just say for now that I loved it.

I hurried back to the resort as quickly as possible because Ms. Havisham had expressed a desire to go to Epcot. when I got back Ms. Havisham and Blanche where both still in their PJ's and had decided that they were not really that interested in going to a park. So Is pent the afternoon knitting. then I took Blanche to dinner. And that was the worse Mexican food I've had at a Restaurant. And some of the worse conversation. Blanche and I were talking and I didn't know if I crossed a line in the conversation but suddenly she rhetoricly hit me with a newspaper and told me to shut up. I didn't know how to respond, so that ended any speaking with her. I really wish I was going home tomorrow.

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