Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Fave Five January

I'm back everybody, did you miss me? I heard from a couple of you during IWSG, I'm sad that I  missed that but there will be next month. ( I think I will miss April's IWSG too because I think it falls during Holy week and I will be taking that off as well this year.) My Christmas was busy Lots of stuff, fun stuff, and not so fun stuff (I got sick). it is sad that I now have to take down the Christmas decorations, but with the Christmas Season over it is time to move into the Season of Epiphany.
okay so ready for this weeks Fave Five? 

1. Epiphany

The feast of epiphany commemorates the arrival of the wise men at Bethlehem. it is one of my favorite feast days. it includes blessing of water and Praying against the powers of darkness. 

okay if you are not a geek who also plays DND you wont get this but it is an awesome comic with stick figure type characters. also the writer Rich had to take time off because he hurt his hand real bad. I am so glad he has gotten better and is back. I have missed it. 

I am in the process of replaying this game and it is still as much fun as I remember. This is a tower game where you are being attacked by zombies and the way you protect your house from them is that you plant plants called pea shooters and such to kill the zombies. the plants are so cute. it is just a really fun game and easy. 

My husband sent this to me a couple of days ago and it did something that I had been longing for. My friends and family know that I have struggled with my weight. Reading this article took that burden off my shoulders because it isn't me who have a problem it is society. (I may do a full blog post on this latter)   

I just finished watching the first season of this show. Sadly my tablet is not playing nice with the show's web sight so I won't be able to watch the second season  till it is available on Netflix but that is okay.  

Well that does it for today, till next time God Speed and Open Roads. 


Unknown said...

Hi! New follower here. I liked reading the article about imaginary weight problems. Thanks for sharing. And the P vs. Z video made me laugh. My family has that game on X-Box and we all play it. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Once Upon a Time has had some really great story-telling. I just hope it doesn't get too 'Lost' in its own mysteries. The two showrunners were part of JJ Abrams's writing room for 'Lost', the show. But they've got Jane Espenson working with them, and that lady can practically do no wrong!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I love Once Upon A Time. Luckily it comes on the channels I get. I think that's because it's filmed in Vancouver, BC. Who knew. Anyway, Hi Gloria!

randi lee said...

Hello from a fellow IWSGer and new follower! Love OUAT. One of my favorite shows!!