Friday, January 18, 2013

Trip To Disney Day One

So guys, I promise I am not taking another vacation from blogging. Work got crazy, real crazy and i have the terrible tendency to carry the stress of the people around me. (one time I had someone else's anxiety attack.) Please don't tell me how I shouldn't do that, unless you know a way to not do it I really don't want to hear about it.

Anyway work right now might be full of fun exploits because I'm in Disney World. Some of this fun might be be making fun of Ms Havisham (No I'm not stupid enough to put my boss's real name here.) and her friend, Blanche (yes also a fake name). or you know explaining my annoyance at things that happen because Ms. Havisham sometimes forgets that she is a genteel Southern lady and not a thirteen year old brat. I'll be tweeting stuff when I have internet access under the hash tag #disneytrip

anyway so Day One. Well, I found out that Blanche sucks at giving directions. it was easy, just keep going straight. Some how that was latter turned to You must have turned right go back and try again which lead to an unfortunate u-turn that ended up with me in a muddy ditch in a Lexus. yes Ladies and Gentlemen I tried to go off road-ing in a Lexus. I don't recommend it. Lucky for me God was looking out for me and sent to knights in armor of muddy jeans and riding a grey SUV to save me from the muddy construct.

However she is not the only one who gives bad directions, Ms. Havisham is too busy lighting a cancer stick to make sure that I know where I am going. Seriously at one point her answer for going the wrong was was simply "make a u-turn." me "But it says no U-turns" her "well everyone gets lost in Disney it doesn't matter make one anyway."

The last thing about day one of this trip, I get that smokers are addicted to nicotine, and while it is disgusting I usually feel slightly bad for them that there are less and less places for them to smoke in public areas. what I can't stand is a Chain smoker who has no respect for a non smoker. we have had the rental car only a few hours and it already reeks. we've been in the room (a none smoking room at a resort that has designated smoking areas) and it already smells in the main room even though she has only smoked on the balcony. I can't imagine how it will smell at the end of ten days. And she seems to think that getting fabreez will fix the whole thing. the worst thing about smokers is they have no idea how bad they smell.

Well that is all for now
God Speed and Open roads.

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Misha Gericke said...

Good luck!