Monday, August 20, 2007

a day of morning

Today i have learned that the weekly world news is going to end on Agust 27. although i never could convince my self to buy one of these out ragious news papers i have enjoyed several laughs at the bezzar headlines that grace the Magazine rack amoung the headlines about who really killed that little girl so many years ago, how many children Brad and Angelina have, and who's in rehab, whos cheating on who and with who.

It was a place where the line between reality, fantisy, and the spiritual could live side by side. to think that these headlines would be gone is very sad for me.

the headline I will always remember was the one about the two lovers from the titanic that had been found floating in life preserver. it was a neat picture after all.

I also will always remember the song some speach and debate friends wrote in honnor of the world's only reliable news paper. "it's in the weekly world news So you know that it must be true, it's in the weekly world news!"

sadly we must prepare to bit our finel fairwells to bat boy, big foot, the world's biggest cat, Alein invaders, the aligator that lives in the underbelly of the big apple, and the lockness monster. for without the weekly world news thier voices will be silenteds.

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Queen Creek Chaffee's said...


You got my vote, I will join you in morning the death of this wonderful, accurate, factual, and entertaining newspaper. Standing in line at the checkout counter will never be the same again!