Thursday, August 09, 2007

reading intervention

I think i am gettign very close to that place where to much is too much. I reolised that I am curently reading on an almost daily basis six books and on an about weeky basis two others. all these books are iether for pleasure or devotional purposes.

I read every young women's battle for my just woke up devotional to kinda help wake my mind up, and then at breakfest i move on to Utmost for his highest which depeneding on how much breakfest I still have i follow this up by Pulpit crimes... which is an interesting book he makes some good points but mostly he attacts the post modern church and the seeker sensitive movement... then in the after noons when i have time I crack open the illiad.. yep i am still on my first read through of this book....and in the evenings I try to read a little of Writers on Writing as kind of a writing devotional before i start writing for the evening. then lately when i get into bed before i do my daily bible reading i have been reaching for my copy of daughter of the forest...almost barrowed wolf skin from the liberary to replace it with...

then i have been reading the freedom writer's diaries for a form of resurch, and also i have been sneeking into barnes and noble to read harry potter because i have no desier to own the book and i did not put my name on the book list at the liberary like i did the last two times the books came out.

then today I made my weekly trek to the liberary for some gilato and the writing workshop i have been attempting to create. and guess what... well i guess you don't have to guess because i am going to tell you any way. the liberary is celibrating star wars thirty years of being in existence. so all three of their front display tables were covered with star wars books. there were books that i hadn't known about but now that i have seen them i know i must read them. the han solo triligy, the clone war novel, the Rogue planet, then this mini sereis that seems to focus on Ben kenobie (pretty sure i spell that wrong) that looks interesting.

but the book that made it into my hand was one of three collections of short stories: stories from the Mos eisly cantina, which gives a short story for all the strange and bizzar people we saw in Star wars 4 a new hope when ben and luke go into the cantina to find Han. the next one was called tales of the bounty hunters which gives a story for the bounty hunters we see in the Empire strikes back, and then the third one is Stories from Jabba's palace which gives theback stories for the different carectors we see there in the return of the jedi.

I read the first story inthe liberary and then read the second one as i walked back to my apartment.

will someone stage an inter vention please, i am now reading 8 books six of which are not on my reading list for this month.

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Queen Creek Chaffee's said...

There are worse things you could be doing besides reading. It doesnt sound so bad to me.