Saturday, August 18, 2007

thoughts from Zola Levitt

Zola Levitt was the greatest Messianic Jewish teacher of our time. he was raised a jew and then because a Christain. His ministry was dedicated to showing jews that Jesus was their long awaited messiah and helping gentile Christians understand the Old testiment and thus better understand the New Testiment.

I was watching an over veiw of his ministry, it was a celibrationof his life. He died a year ago. And one of the things he said in one of the clips on this video was, "when God chooses a people, Saten chooses a people." he said this in reference to the political and phisical turmoil that has gone one in isreal sinse it because a nation.

Now I have been taking my youth group threw a serise called facts that provide a basis for faith. this series was not to make an argument for christianity but rather to strangthen the faith that each of them already have.

this week I wanted to talk to them about Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Scrolls also known as the Gnostic scriptures. and when I Heard Zola say this about God and saten both choosing a people. my thoughts turned to these to librearies. Both have had a huge impact on the western world, mostly on the religious commuinty. the Dead Sea Scrolls have shined a spotlight on the Old testiment and "have ushered in a new era of Biblical study" as Josh McDowell said.

at the same time the Gnostic libreary has cast a shadow on what the New testoment says about Jesus, his followers, and the early church.

these two librearys are the most talked about finds of modern Archeoloagy. each dealing with the bible, and each going in a different direction.

with Zola's statment i thought "uh...maybe the find at Nag hammadi was some what orcistrated so that Saten would add valitity to the causes that have been bringing the question of the Historical Jesus."

I know that i may be sounding quite the mistic at the moment. but could it not be that when God revelied a set of scriptures to reafirm the truth of his word, Saten did the same?

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