Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love my sisters

well I had a fun weekend. My sisters desided to take a road trip to come and see me. they are starting school today and they wanted to do some school shopping. Mom let them come to bismarck and spend the week end with me.

I was excited because it woudl be a chance for me to spend some time with my sisters who are now in 12 grade. but I was worried because i am not someone who likes to go out on the town and my sisters are. I did not want them to end up going all over the poace and leaving me behind, however they were content to do what ever even if that ment renting videos and watching them in my apartment.

we spent the first day shoping. I took them to a very nice second hand store where they both made off like bandets. we walked the mall and did some shopping up north of town. one of the kids from my youth group desided to Join up with us at the mall and stay for dinner. He was surprised when we got back to my apratment that all three of us Girls took the tiem to un pack everythign we had bought, sourt, remove the tages, and foild the cloths that we had bought. after all you must remind yourself what all you bought, foild neatly so they don't get wrinkeled, and condence into one back because even though you got them all at different stores you really only need one shopping bag. (and you must never do this at the mall because wail at the mall you must have something that shows how many stores you have been to.)

for dinner that night we made mom's fabules chicken fried stake. and we did it almost flawlessly. there was not a lot of drippings left over from the stake so the gravy was not so good. oh and for those who have lived with me in the past the most amazing thing happend. I cooked and the fire alarms did not go off.

the next day we worked on our song for sunday. some ladies at the church asked me if the three of us would sing, so we agreed, we sang Ginni Owen's If you want me to. we went out to dinner at Jonny corino's which is the best italian resteront in bismarck. and to top it off we went to a movie. No reservations. it was a fun film and I highly recomend it...though wait for it to come out of video it was definetly not a must see at the theater.

the last thing i must add is that i have sucsessily addicted my mother and sisters to Gilmore girls. in fact my mother had me buy the first season for her because i had her watch an episode form the second season when she had visited a month ago. and my sister megan... everytime we got back to the apartment she turned on the telli and it on. they almost watched half of the second season on saturday.

I can not wait till they deside to come back!


Queen Creek Chaffee's said...

Family is fun, and you have a great one.

matthew said...

sounds like fun
yay for gilmore girls :)